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  • Abby Twyman

    April 5, 2020 at 12:42 am

    Thoughts and prayers are valuable because they put words to our intentions, but they are not enough at the end of the day. What’s essential is action! This comes in the form of personal commitments. We’re all different. We all have different values. We all act in different ways. My actions will not be the same as your actions. What’s essential is that your ACTIONS are in accordance with your VALUES and are in the services of sticking to your PLAN.


    The actions I’m will to take to bring my prayer to fruition in my life and the lives of others are:

    1. Model skills in every thought, word, and action. 

    2. Share my experiences through my story. 

    3. Provide access to essential information. 

    4. Teach those motivated to learn more. 

    5. Celebrate small successes of self and others. 

    6. Encourage everyone to join the community!


    Be grateful for every breath taken, every sight seen, every aroma smelled, every morsel tasted, every sound heard, every emotion felt, and every thought thunk. 

    Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not a given. Be here, now, in the moment, living, loving, breathing, being, connecting, inspiring, empowering, embracing, and THRIVING!!